Questo il mio contributo sul forum sul perché affermo (affermiano?) che l’e-learning è “morto”.

When I (we?) call for the e-learning death, I say that are dead believes that:

  • technology-based distance teaching is cheaper than the conventional teaching mode;
  • people are more favourable to learning when it is technology-based and they can learn anywhere, anytime, anyway …..;
  • just put information/contents on the web, and enrich them with multimedia facilities, and people are keen to learn;
  • people like to learn by themselves, closed in their office or home, turning pages, dragging and dropping,….;
  • technology ’d be used in educational contexts just for developing and delivering contents and for managing administrative and organisational matters involved in any school activity;
  • technology-based learning activity are mainly based on LMS and Learning Objects with communication facilities as an option;
  • technology is the driving force.

As these believes where at the baseline of the so-called e-learning (does electronic learning exists? No, I say, just learning exists) and as these convincement have been widely demonstrated are wrong, we, relaxing, can call for the death of e-learning and concentrate our intelligences, time and efforts on learning, using technologies or don’t. And being aware about what learning is, as dr. Cronje stated. But about the issue a lot has been already written.

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